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Today is: Mar 29, 2019

What is Zikr-e-Sultani (King of all Praises)?

First, I would like to say what we mean by the word 'Zikr' or praise. In the sufi terminology, there is a concept that when heart is purified, it starts reciting different names of Allah Almighty. This condition of heart is known by sufis as halat-e-zikr (the state in which heart starts praising Allah or more precisely uttering loudly the names of Allah). Sufis suggest different ways to bring heart in this state. For example, a sufi may ask his pupils to sit in a circle in dim light after morning prayer and start saying 'Allah', 'Allah' repeatedly and loudly, thinking that they are watching Allah. In this way, they will bring heart in the state of zikr. People have to do it for years to attain pure state of zikr. Then heart starts saying either 'Allah', or 'Haq (Allah is truth)' automatically. There are 99 names of Allah. In the purified state, heart will start reciting the name of Allah that has been taught by the sufi teacher. When heart starts reciting different names of Allah, it is considered as a sign of spiritual blessing. People try to acquire this state of purity of heart for whole of their lives. Traditionally, heart recites a few names of Allah (Allah has 99 names). Sometimes, heart recites only 1 name, sometimes 2 names and so on. Mostly heart does not recite all 99 names of Allah (Allah has 99 names for himself). Moreover, heart does not recite these names 24 hours a day. So we can say that all Azkar (sing. Zikr - saying praises to Allah) are limited in their scope.

However, in Zikr-e-Sultani, heart recites all 99 names of Allah. It then recites unlimited combinations of different names of Allah, for example O Allah or O Merciful and then combination is O Allah O Merciful, etc. Moreover, in Zikr-e-Sultani heart remains in the state of zikr 24 hours a day. Further, there are two states of zikr-e-sultani. In one state or condition, Allah's names in Zikr-e-Sultani are recited by heart silently. In other state, these names are uttered from mouth loudly. Mostly, heart recites Allah's names without uttering them from mouth.
Zikr-e-Sultani starts directly from heart. Heart is source of all divine light and blessing. From heart, it spreads through whole body. The sign of heart having Zikr-e-Sultani is that a person feels different movement of his heart; different names of Allah are uttered by him at different occasions of the day. We can not say that his heart will be in the state of zikr only in the morning or only in the evening. Also, it is not necessary for that person to sit in a special gathering or make special arrangements for invoking his heart to say prayers (zikr). Neither does the sufi (spiritual leader/teacher) need to be present to incite his heart to say prayers. His heart will keep saying praises 24 hours a day. Then a series of true dreams starts. A person who has Zikr-e-Sultani in his heart starts getting indications about the things to happen. In conclusion, when he absorbs Zikr-e-Sultani in his heart and body, he is guided at every step of his daily life. However, what I have written is only a part of the blessings of Zikr-e-Sultani. It is difficult to explain it completely in words. The true meanings can be found and understood only when we experience it personally.

It is unlimited and keeps the heart in the state of zikr all the times. It is named as zikr-e-sultani (king of all praises) because it is unlimited. According to one narration, zikr-e-sultani has more than 11000 types.

Regarding zikr, Hazrat Babaji said that Allah shows his love for such people who love Him and His Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) by blessing them with zikr in their hearts. There are lot of Muslims. Their parents are also Muslims. However, the people who do not have love for their Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) can never have the zikr of God in their hearts. Then Babaji said: "Look at the Masakeen. Their number have reached up to hundreds of thousands. However they have love in their hearts. They say prayers for the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) (i.e., recite Darood Shareef) day in and day out. Allah has blessed their hearts with zikr-e-sultani. Sometimes their hearts recite 'There is no god but God'. Sometimes their hearts recite 'There is no god but Him. He is Allah'. these voices come from the hearts of Masakeen. Allah is All-knowing. He knows (what hearts recite). Those who have been blessed by Allah do understand that heart of such and such person is having zikr of Allah in it. So my friends! The benefit in this (in zikr-e-sultani) is that Allah becomes very happy when we obey the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)." Hazrat Babaji further said that a person whose heart has zikr-e-sultani starts seeing true dreams. This is a sign of Allah's blessing to give satisfaction to such people. Babaji also said that when heart is filled with zikr-e-sultani, a person should at least stop from bad practices such as lying, theft, disobeying the Islamic teachings, etc.

Zikar-e-Sultani is Sultan-ul-Azkaar

If Sultan-ul-Azkaar be called a crown, before the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), it was worn by prophets only. However, for the love of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), Allah permitted that Sultan-ul-Azkaar or Zikr-i-Sultani may be passed on to his followers. So, Hazrat Ali became the first person to be endowed with Zikr-i-Sultani. He was followed by a few other renowned personalities in the history of Islam like Hazrat Khwaja Hasan Basri and Hazrat Ibrahim bin Adham, Hazrat Mahmood Shah Qureshi being the last of them. (See pedigree of Zikr-i-Sultani).

Zikr-i-Sultani is a divine phenomenon. Once there, it will stay forever. Even death cannot take it away. Under the influence of Zikr-i-Sultani the heart recites 99 names of Allah and the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), Quranic and other holy verses and so on. Zikr-i-Sultani serves to protect the miskeen against all kinds of temptation, hence the purgation of soul.

Zikr-i-Sultani is of two types, khafi and jali. When Zikr-i-Sultani is khafi, it may or may not be noticeable even to the person who is blessed with it. When Zikr-i-Sultani is jali, others can also notice it. Manifestations of Zikr-i-Sultani are numerous and vary from individual to individual. Therefore, it is not possible to define it by any hard and fast rules. Hazrat Sultan-e-Alam says that just as God is unseen and each individual mind harbors a different image of His being, Zikr-i-Sultani is like a revelation that has a unique meaning for each heart.

There are two cardinal sins, which, as soon as they are committed, deprive a miskeen of Zikr-i-Sultani, provided they are committed despite clear knowledge of their prohibition. They are (1) Extramarital sex and (2) Drinking.

May God give us the strength to follow the right path once we have been led on it.

Note: Readers are requested to consult the glossary for better comprehension of non-English terms used in this document.

Important Note

Now-a-days, there are many people ,who are talking about Allah and His Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) in different ways and also about "Olia-e-Karaam".They say that its "SHIRAK" to say "Ya Allah" and "Ya MUHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him)" and many more. But, if you think on you own about it, you can understand it easily that they are the people which don`t have any link or contact about the Basics of ISLAM.These people, their FAITH about Islam and Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is not correct. They are new people .They are the people with new and self made ideas and belief about the basic concept of Islam. If these people are correct, then, why don`t they have any name or link in the history of Islam, although, Islam came to this world about 1500 years ago and we don`t see their name hardly about 100 years ago.Then,how can these people be correct in their sayings. Actually,think on you own that Olia-e-Kraam ,are the correct people and correct source of Islam,because they are the part of Islamic History.They have been the part of Islam in all Eras.

So beware of these people ,their faith and teachings about Islam and Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).
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