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Today is: Mar 29, 2019

Our Shijrah Mubarik

Pedigree of Zikr-e-Sultani

List of Those who were endowed with zikr-i-sultani through the ages, after the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

  1. Hazrat Muhammad --- Sal-lal-laa-hu A-lai-hi Wa-sal-lam (the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him))
  2. Hazrat Ali (the fourth caliph)
  3. Hazrat Awais-e-Qarani (a disciple of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) who never met him, but was dear to the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him))
  4. Hazrat Hasan Basri
  5. Hazrat Ibrahim bin Adham
  6. Hazrat Ibrahim Nakhee
  7. Hazrat Usman-i-Harooni
  8. Hazrat Mueenud-deen Chishti of Ajmer [the famous saint of India]
  9. Hazrat Mahmood Shah Qureshi
  10. Hazrat Babar Badshah (son of and first successor to Hazrat Mahmood Shah Qureshi)
  11. Hazrat Sultan-i-Alam (grandson of and second successor to Hazrat Mahmood Shah Qureshi)
Note: Readers are requested to consult the glossary for better comprehension of non-English terms used in this document.

Important Note

Now-a-days, there are many people ,who are talking about Allah and His Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) in different ways and also about "Olia-e-Karaam".They say that its "SHIRAK" to say "Ya Allah" and "Ya MUHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him)" and many more. But, if you think on you own about it, you can understand it easily that they are the people which don`t have any link or contact about the Basics of ISLAM.These people, their FAITH about Islam and Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is not correct. They are new people .They are the people with new and self made ideas and belief about the basic concept of Islam. If these people are correct, then, why don`t they have any name or link in the history of Islam, although, Islam came to this world about 1500 years ago and we don`t see their name hardly about 100 years ago.Then,how can these people be correct in their sayings. Actually,think on you own that Olia-e-Kraam ,are the correct people and correct source of Islam,because they are the part of Islamic History.They have been the part of Islam in all Eras.

So beware of these people ,their faith and teachings about Islam and Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).
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